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Academic Calendar

Available Intakes for 2018: 

  1. Saturday, 27th of January 2018  (Apply Now)
  2. Saturday, 24th of February 2018 (Apply Now)
  3. Saturday, 31st of March 2018 (Apply Now)
  4. Saturday, 28th of April 2018 (Apply Now)
  5. Saturday, 26th of May 2018 (Apply Now)
  6. Saturday, 30th of June 2018 (Apply Now)
  7. Saturday, 28th of July 2018 (Apply Now)
  8. Saturday, 25th of August 2018 (Apply Now)
  9. Saturday, 29th of September 2018 (Apply Now)
  10. Saturday, 27th of October 2018 (Apply Now)
  11. Saturday, 24th of November 2018 (Apply Now)
  12. Saturday, 15th of December 2018 (Apply Now)


Available Intakes for 2019:  

  1. Saturday, 26th of January 2019 (Apply Now)
  2. Saturday, 23rd of February 2019 (Apply Now)
  3. Saturday, 30th of March 2019 (Apply Now)
  4. Saturday, 27th of April 2019 (Apply Now)
  5. Saturday, 25th of May 2019 (Apply Now)
  6. Saturday, 29th of June 2019 (Apply Now)
  7. Saturday, 27th of July 2019 (Apply Now)
  8. Saturday, 31st of August 2019 (Apply Now)
  9. Saturday, 28th of September 2019 (Apply Now)
  10. Saturday, 26th of October 2019 (Apply Now)
  11. Saturday, 30th of November 2019 (Apply Now)
  12. Saturday, 14th of December 2019 (Apply Now)


  • Each study program consists one academic year (except the EMBA and doctorate programs).
  • Each academic year consists two semesters, and each semester consists two consecutive terms.
  • All our study programs are delivered usually from Friday to Sunday.

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