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Tuition Fee

Tuition fee on this link is valid for this Academic Year

We have 12 intakes per year.

ALL STUDENTS WILL HAVE A TRIPLE DIPLOMA JOINTLY BETWEEN OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland, WSB UNIVERSITY & KNU UNIVERSITY (in addition to OUS Diploma)

Tuition Fee*

Level: Tuition Fee 1&2:  
Bachelor (BBA) 1st year /OR/ Diploma3 2950 / Per Semester  
2nd year4 /OR/ Associate Diploma5 3450 €  / Per Semester  
3rd year - The Bachelor6 3940 €  / Per Semester  
Executive Bachelor (EBBA) 4950 € / Per Semester  
Thesis-Based Master (M.Phil) 4450 / Per Semester  
Academic Master (MBA) 3960 / Per Semester  
Executive Master (EMBA) 4960 / Per Semester  
Doctorate (DBA)   3490 / Per Semester  
Or the fee if the Dual Award from Azteca is included7&8 4400 / Per Semester  
Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil.) 3950 / Per Semester  
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)   3990 / Per Semester  
Or the fee if the Dual Award from Azteca is included7&8 4900 / Per Semester  
Executive Certificate (2-week program) 450  
Mini-Diploma (4-16 weeks) 2950
Application and Reservation Fee 240

The above study fee is for the online study programs, students wishing to have 100% virtual education must pay the difference in the study fee.

Fiscal deduction of tuition fees: if you are living and working in Switzerland, you may be allowed to deduct your tuition fees or part from your taxable income. Please note that rules are different from canton to canton. We advise you to call Prof. Habib (CFO) and he can guide you on how to apply.

PAY ONLINE your application fee (NOTE: if you pay with PayPal there is pay 9 Euro tax which goes directly to PayPal company)

Additional Mandatory Fees

  • Thesis Defence: 390 Euro for online defence or 1900 euro for on campus defence (M.Phil. & D.P.Phil. the defence fee is included in the tuition fee)
  • Graduation Package
    • OUS Diploma: 50 Euro
    • WSB/OUS/KNU Joint Diploma: 50 Euro
    • OUS Transcripts: 50 Euro
    • WSB/OUS.KNU Joint Diploma Transcripts: 50 Euro
    • Diploma Supplement - if applicable: 50 Euro per supplement
    • Exam fee: 50 Euro per exam

Other payments (optional):

    • Graduation Ceremony in Switzerland: 240 Euro
    • Any signed document: 9 Euro - Shipment fee is included
    • Blended Learning: 1500 Euro, per week, we offer up to 4 weeks per year on-campus in Switzerland for those students to do their education in a blended learning method, some countries don't accept online education and the student must have a blended learning program to be approved.
    • ASIQUAL UK Validation Certificate: 420 £ (must be paid before student starts)
    • Additional Transcript: 50 Euro  (per Transcript of Academic Record)
    • Diploma Replacement: 240 Euro (per Diploma)
    • Any signed document: 9 Euro + Shipment fee Paypal icon
    • Graduation in Switzerland: 240 Euro **.
    • Thesis Defence in Switzerland: 1900 Euro**.
    • Thesis Defence ONLINE: 390 Euro for all students (except D.Phil and M.Phil students free of charge)
    • Final Exam in Switzerland: 900 Euro**.
    • Student card with UNESCO logo: 20 Euro (free of charge for students who paid at least 50% of their study fee)
    • Thesis in Different Language (German, French, Russian, Arabic or Spanish): 1999 Euro {Note: (subject to availability)::writing your thesis in English is included in your study fee.**}
    • Printing your thesis by OUS each 5000 words 75 Euro.
    • Sending Diploma by DHL/FedEx/TNT: 150 Euro
    • Sending any Document DHL/FedEx/TNT: 150 Euro up to 200g

We will send your diploma and transcript by Swiss Post for free of charge, but for some countries we recommend to send the documents by DHL / FedEx / TNT or similar shipping companies to your home, please note that we issue our diploma during the graduation ceremony (June/December) however if a student wishes to have it as soon as possible it is possible for additional fee.

For Dual Award additional fee is applicable (please check the double award page)

Public Legalizations (optional per diploma):

International students may request from our Admission office to stamp their documents by the Swiss notary and Legalization/Apostille and their embassy in Switzerland.

  • Swiss Public Notary: 140 Euro 
  • Swiss Public Notary + Legalization OR Apostille: 390 Euro (what is Apostille?) (recommended)
  • Swiss Public Notary + Legalization OR Apostille + Swiss Chamber of Commerce: 590 Euro
  • Swiss Public Notary + Legalization OR Apostille + Your Embassy in Switzerland: 790 Euro*
  • Swiss Public Notary + Legalization OR Apostille + Your Embassy in Switzerland + Swiss Chamber of Commerce: 990 Euro*
  • Swiss Public Notary + Legalization OR Apostille + Your Embassy in Switzerland + Swiss Chamber of Commerce + Swiss Embassy in your Country: 1990 Euro*
    *This is valid only if your country embassy is in Zurich or Zug. For our students from the few countries in the middle east, it is possible to stamp your diploma from the Arab-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CASCI) for 200 Euro more.
  • Swiss Public Validation: 990 Euro (the following text will be stamped on your award with an official public deed attached with your award: "This Diploma was issued from a Swiss Private Institution "A.B.M.S. GmbH" which is allowed to offer study programs and to issue its diploma by the Board of Education in the Canton of Zug (Nr. DBK DBKS 6 / 33 / 60236)." These statements were notarized by Dr. Thomas Müller, notary public of the Canton of Zug with public deed no. 9/16)
  • Public Legalizations for Saudi Students: Swiss Public Notary + Legalization + Saudi Embassy in France + Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission in France and Switzerland: 1990 Euro

In case for your country there is no embassy in Switzerland than we are sorry we can't stamp it, in case your embassy is in Bern there is 90 Euro additional fee, if your embassy is in another city there is 240 Euro additional charge, the fee is covering 100 CHF for the embassy legalization, if your embassy is charging more than 100 CHF for each legalization than you have to pay the different, please note that the highest stamp from an embassy is 1200 Euro (for UAE), all other embassies are requesting less in order to stamp your documents.

Please note: OUS awards are issued two times per year, usually end of June and end of December. it takes up to 30 working days to have all graduation documents (diploma, transcript, etc) from the months mentioned before and up to 120-140 working days for legalizations within Switzerland.

PAYMENTS OPTIONS for the study fee:

At least 1st-year fee must be paid in full and the remaining "pay-as-you-go" (per semester) 

The student will receive a letter of acceptance with the estimated tuition costs and if the student pays the full fee in advance for the whole estimated period, they will receive the early payment scholarship.

1. The fees are subject to change without prior notice. In addition to tuition fees, there is 8.2% AQT tax. You may check Google, XE or any other service to know how much, approximately, is the fee in your local currency. All fees are for students who don't live in Switzerland, Please contact us if live in Switzerland.

2. The fee of 1980€ for the joint program is not included. Also, If you would like to apply for additional joint/dual award program, there is additional fee as well.

3. 1000 Euro additional for the exit

4. 500 Euro additional for the direct entry

5. 1000 Euro additional for the exit

6. 1000 Euro additional for the direct entry

7. The dual award fee must be paid during the first year.

8. For the Direct entry: 1000 Euro per each semester you skip. * Please note: The above study fees is for the online study programs, students who would like to join the 100% virtual education program they have pay 12k to 16k € / Per Semester, based on the level. * Students who are going to pay their study fee through a 3rd party, they must pay 10% as an additional fee of the total estimated fee.


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