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Doctorate of Business Administration

Advance Your Expertise at OUS
OUS Connect with learners and leaders in our online doctoral programs. You will go as far as your mind will take you as a doctoral student at OUS.

For Academic Researchers and Educators
 Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) signifies the highest level of achievement in any academic discipline.

This is the highest educational level you can study at OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland. Fields of business administration are expanding at a rapid pace all around the globe. There is a great deal of diversity associated with this field and due to present complicated economic situations, organizations demand strong skills and leadership qualities from their employees. to meet such requirements, more and more people that are associated with the field of business administration are interested in attaining Doctorate in Business Administration qualification. Actually, the main thing is that, in the modern tough economic conditions every industry needs skilled administrators. In this scenario, if you prefer studying a DBA, then you will surely back up your employment-related opportunities.
Doctorate of Business Administration also known as DBA is a very diverse qualification that holds great significance. It is considered as an equivalent to Ph.D. but in reality, DBA stresses more practical approaches rather than theoretical aspects. Normally DBA is pursued by those professionals who are directly involved in the corporate world. If you are interested in pursuing this qualification, then it is better to get maximum information about the admission criteria. To be enrolled in a DBA program you will have to possess qualifications mentioned below.
Master’s degree in the same field or seven years of management experiance, plus any Bachelor’s or equivalent are required for being enrolled in OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland. The duration, of the program, is one year plus a thesis. Actually DBA is a professional qualification that has been designed for those who are Postgraduate Diploma holders like MBA and want to extend their knowledge and skills to explore maximum opportunities in their field of activity. DBA is a practical study program to connected with research in a particular area of business and is mostly taken by practicing managers so very often it is offered as a part-time study program.
Many of you must be interested to know the difference between PhD and DBA. Actually DBA is a qualification designed for professionals who have decent experience and is related to research that shows relevance with management issues, whereas, PhD focuses more on theoretical aspects and gaining new knowledge. 
In fact, it can be stated with confidence that DBA is a program that can show compatibility with requirements of the modern business world. Many employers accept it more willingly than PhD and the main reason is that it covers a broader perspective of practical knowledge. DBA qualification is being offered by many respective universities worldwide, but your preference should always lie in being enrolled in accredited academies. In the end, it can be stated that DBA is the right qualification to meet requirements of professionals that hold a Master’s degree.

At this level students are given the full knowledge not just know-how, our students should be able to cope with new theory themselves, manage a big team and teach young professionals how to do things better. They are taught business against a background of cultural difference as it is manifested in the world business industry.

Our Business study programs will train you for today’s challenges and allow you to be a leader and solve problems you will face in any business field. Our graduates will improve their understanding and communication skills. At the same time, our students will earn how to think independently and work in a team.
Business Administration has been ranked as the most popular study in the world. A survey conducted by other universities, showed that a graduate from a business school earns in average $45,200 (NACE Salary Survey).
Did you know that Swiss management education has been ranked 1 worldwide by the World Economic Forum?. If you are interested in Business Administration and want to be a future manager or get a better position, then you should apply today to study with us. READ MORE

In our doctorate programs, you will:ASIC P

  • develop and practice innovative research methods.
  • earn the highest quality of education.
  • achieve the expertise to publish in peer-reviewed journals.
  • become a successful doctoral researcher and educator.

Study Language: this study program taught entirely in English.

We have 12 intakes per year.

Doctorate will shift your leadership to the next level. Owing to our doctoral programs, you will:

  • study and apply innovative research methods.
  • combine applied research and professional practice.
  • prepare to make an impact in policy and practice.
  • learn strategies to facilitate more effective and, adaptable organizations creating positive changes.
  • become a more innovative leader in your field.
Note: Study fee does not include application and reservation fee (to guarantee you a study place) of 240 Euro (one-time payment and non-refundable).
European Qualifications Framework: this program is equivalent to EQF Level 8
OUS Accreditations, Quality Assurance & legalizations: Please check here

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